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Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Black swan
How to make inaccurate predictions of the future based on inaccurate data about the past and the improper use of statistics

Tomas Sedlacek: Economics of good and evil
What is a "benefit" from the perspective of economic theory, in terms of philosophy, society and ethics

Graham Greene
Psychology of a man who comes from good intentions through compromises to crime

A.A.Milne: Winnie-the-Pooh
I learn from my four recognizing the nature of different people. This book and its animals are the appropriate guide. (original, not current Disney)


People in need
Humanitarian organization that works effectively

Free maping community
The best free maps: Milion people make maps with their mobiles. You see even footpaths in Peru

A free multi-track audio editor and recorder with many functions like Fourier Analysis...

Vladimir Jurka
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Education: Czech Technical University Prague, Electro-energetic branch

In years 1992-1998 he worked in IKEA Hanim Prague, purchasing organization for Middle Europe as purchasing and development engineer. He cooperated with Swedish head-quarter on new product development, with suppliers on quality management issues and new supplier development projects.

In years 1998-2010 he was a member of top-management at Linet Slany, world-wide producer of healthcare beds. He worked at different positions, as quality manager, purchasing and logistic manager, from 2003 as a technical director, responsible for R&D and technical know-how of the company. He worked on many different projects through-over the company structure (workflow of a business order, electronic purchasing procedure, product life-cycle management, optimization of planning system, implementation of a new information system, costs calculation, project management).

In the mean time, he is an interim manager and independent consultant in area of company managing procedures, project management and management information systems.

Vladimir Jurka, Stefanikova 1042, Unhost, Czech Republic, CZ-27351
phone: +420 602 583 719
e-mail: jurka@10v.cz

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